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Fitness expert, world champion lumberjack athlete, national spokesperson, fitness competitor, gymnast, pole vaulter, runner... the list goes on and on. A born and raised Badger, Shana graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Kinesiology – Exercise Science. With years of experience as Fitness Director/Personal Trainer/Group Exercise Instructor at Supreme Health and Fitness in Madison, she is now also a Master Instructor for TRX Training and the American Council on Exericse. Her love for sports and fitness began at a very early age when she became a competitive gymnast. She still maintains her gymnastics skills through fitness competitions such as Fitness America, Ms. Fitness, and Women's Tri Fitness. Through these fitness competitions, she has had the opportunity to model for Muscle and Fitness, Flex, Natural Muscle, and Oxygen magazines. She is the head coach of Team Supreme Figure and Fitness, helping other women achieve their goals of looking fit and healthy on stage.

Unique and fun sports are what really fascinate her. Frustrated that girls were not allowed to pole vault in high school, she joined the boys track team and became the first female pole vaulter in Madison, WI! She then went on to become the first female pole vaulter at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Her biggest claim to fame is being a 6-time WORLD champion women's professional log roller and boom runner. Sponsored by Lumberjack's Restaurant Chain and Lululemon, Shana has been featured on ESPN, ABC Wide World of Sports, and the Outdoor Life Network competing in lumberjack events. She now spreads her love of the sport as the head coach and co-owner of Madison Log Rolling, which holds classes for youth and adults at Madison YMCAs and Wingra Canoe and Sailing Center.

One of the largest focuses of her life is doing her part to help find a cure Huntington's Disease. Her mom passed away from this devastating disease in March of 2013. Shana has a 50% chance of suffering the same fate. Huntington's is a genetic brain disorder that onsets in mid life causing uncontrollable movements, and gradual loss of the ability to walk, talk, eat, and think for oneself. Shana is a national spokesperson for the Huntington's Disease Society of America, and has appeared in many news stories, print ads, and public speaking venues to raise awareness for this horrible disease. She is on the board of the Wisconsin Chapter of the Huntington's Disease Society of America, and hosts many fundraisers throughout the year.
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