4-time log rolling and 2-time boom running world champion.

"The sport of log rolling was a direct result of river driving. The art of standing on a log and rolling it was one that was perfected by the men as they drove the logs down the rivers. When they reached the sawmill, and all the river drives were finished, the lumberjacks and logging camps would have contests to see who was the best axeman, sawyer, or river driver. For the contest of river driving, they would put in upwards of two or three men on a log in a river or pond, and let them roll it out. The last person still standing on the log was the winner. And so the sport of log rolling was born."  Many years later a little 7 year old named Shana signed up for the log rolling class at the Madison YMCA.  I got to go up north and compete...and I just loved it!  From then on, log rolling became my all time favorite sport.  I have competed as a professional since 1997.  I have been featured on ESPN and Outdoor Life Network...but most of all, I just have fun being a lumberjill!  I am now the five time WORLD log rolling and boom running champion!  I get the most joy out of coaching youngsters.  For more info on Madison Log Rolling programs click hereClick here for more information about log rolling.



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